Our site here is to showcase the beautiful Portuguese Water Dog which is still considered a rare breed here in Australia. Please feel free to look around and ask questions about the breed, the development of this site is in progress so not everything will be here just yet :)

We are registered CCCQ (Canine Control Council of Queensland) breeders and have been involved in the dog world for approximately 14 years. Six years ago we looked to add a PWD to our family and two wonderful breeders helped us to get started and guide us in this journey.

Now, with the help of a wonderful breeder overseas, we are bring in a beautiful brown boy! How time flies!

We now have three dogs as part of our family which also includes three children. This does not mean they are an easy breed to live , they are a working breed first and foremost and require a conscientious owner who will give them what they need in order to fit in appropriately.

Given the right home the PWD is a fun-loving, loyal and mostly obedient companion!